Texas Tea

Texas Tea

A delicious recipe for Texas Tea, with tequila, rum, vodka, gin, bourbon whiskey, triple sec, sweet and sour mix and Coca-Cola®. Also lists similar drink recipes. It's the same thing as a Long Island Ice Tea, except you omit the gin, and double the tequila. Texas Tea may refer to: Petroleum, oil drilled from the Earth; A variation of Long Island Iced Tea, a mixed drink made primarily of a high concentration of alcoholic ingredients and whisky, without any actual iced tea; Purple Drank, a drug composed of Sprite and prescription cough syrup; A video slot machine themed around. Texas Tea recipe rating 9. Not being one to waste booze however, I added a ton more Coke and a lot of crushed ice. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This version is NOT the same as the famous Long Island iced tea, not by any stretch of the imagination. Peach Tea Cooler 16. Whiskeys of the World By: Tequila Drinks 151 recipes. They are so good. Jamaican Meat Pie Footballs 01: Awesome posted by AAMember 11: Thanks for your rating! Long Island Iced Tea 12. Boston Ice Tea 3. WOW posted by CarrieV 11: Colorado Bulldog Cocktail plays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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How to Make a Texas Tea Classic Tequila Cocktails By: Add more ice, if necessary. Raspberry Long Island Ice Tea 19. Add tequila, vodka, rum triple sec and sour mix. Find the closest stores. It's a tasty option for a happy hour or a casual afternoon on the patio. Whole30 Breakfast Potatoes 00: Colorado Bulldog Cocktail plays. Gimlet Cocktail See how to make a gimlet cocktail with vodka or gin. Georgia Peach Iced Tea 12. Pretty good, though I preferred a bit more cola flavor so I kicked it up a bit. The New Golden Age By: Texas Tea

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